My new religion is self-determinism,
despite the pleasures that rolling around
on clean sheets, entwined like protozoa,
can bring. Men do not sham convulsion.
There is a new technology, but I continue
to use the old one. Thank you for the cacti.
I hate being busy, because then I don’t have
time to fail. It is a violation of Federal Law
to use this product in a manner inconsistent
with its labeling. So you have a narrative.
Congratulations! Sometimes, bugs get in
my way and I unintentionally kill them.
Garbage in, garbage out, my Zen master
says, with regard to my mind, to me.
Dating is like shooting fish in a barrel.
Pitched past pangs of panic, my middle finger
is extended for eternity. This is the day that the
Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad.
I love you is a declaration of war, written
on butcher paper. I’m ready for my close up,
law of diminishing returns. It’s cabana time.
It’s time for the color blind bull to go free.
If you knew how drunk I had to get
to even go to the grocery store,
you would have mercy on me.

Virginia Konchan

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