About Palette Poetry

Welcome home, poet.

Palette Poetry endeavors to uplift and engage emerging and established poets in our larger community.

The world is eager for poets. In 2016, more people spent their hard earned money on poetry books than any other year on record. When times are dark, the world always turns to poets for empathy, for answers, for words, bucking and new.

Palette Poetry is here to paint our small part of the world with truth through poetry, as hopeful and eviscerating as truth can be.

We have no particular aesthetic vision or mission except to create a safe and encouraging space for all voices. Our goal is to simply find and publish the best poetry we can, no matter its roots in craft.

Check out our submission guidelines here. Send us your very best.

For questions regarding submissions, please visit our FAQ page.


Joshua Roark is our Editor and Founder. @joshuaroarkpoet

Kim Harvey is an Associate Editor. @kimharveypoet

Victoria Mallorga Hernandez is an Associate Editor. 

Ben Bartu is an Associate Editor. @ALampNamedBen

Heather Derr-Smith is a Guest Editor. @Hderrsmith

Joe Hernandez Diaz is a Guest Editor. @JoseHernandezDz

V.B. Borjen is a Guest Editor. @Borjen

Our Readers are the amazing Olga Rukovets, Jocelyn E. Marshall, Chelsea Bayouth, AT Hincapi, Lenna Mendoza, Kari Flickinger, Todd Smith, Meg Cameron, DM Spratley, Ernest Ogunyemi, Natan Last, Nome Patrick, Tara Lynn, and Sneha Subramanian Kanta.