Alan Chazaro's Pocho Boy

Pocho Boy #4


“Pocho Boy Meets World” is a Latinx poetry column written by California poet, Alan Chazaro. Join him as he eats his share of quesadillas and uses broken Spanish in hopes of connecting more deeply with what it means to be a U.S. Latinx writer in Latin America. 

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Poetry We Admire

Poetry We Admire: Food & Family


This month we feature poems from Parentheses Journal, SWWIM, BOAAT Press, Poets Reading the News, The Hellebore Press, and Juke Joint Magazine. Let us share in a holiday feast of words from the grocery aisle to the roast and sautéed greens with ice cream and peach cobbler for dessert, and Reynolds-wrapped leftovers for later.




“I have seen monks burning / in their saffron robes for days, / coaxing sand from throats / of silver”