Curated Deadlines

Deadlines: August & September


Every middle of the month: new deadlines, new contests, and new opportunities for your work to find its audience. Here is a roundup of ten submission opportunities with deadlines in August or September, including Palette’s Chapbook Prize, the Nature & Place Prize, the Brett Elizabeth Jenkins Poetry Prize, Hedgebrook, and more.

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Legacy Suite #5


The Legacy Suite is a three-part interview series in which poets delve into the tumultuous journey of publishing a debut full-length collection: before publication, during, and after. For this interview, I.S. Jones spoke with poet Saddiq Dzukogi about loss, hope, & the page as a place of possibility.

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If These Covers Could Talk #6


In If These Covers Could Talk, poets interview the visual artists whose works grace their book covers. The result is an engaging discussion of process, vision, and projects. This series is a celebration of collaboration—here, we champion the fruitful conversations taking place both on and behind the cover.

This month, poet Mira Rosenthal talked to editorial director Alex Wolfe about the cover of Territorial (University of Pittsburgh Press, 2022).