Curated Deadlines

Deadlines: May & June


Every middle of the month: new deadlines, new contests, and new opportunities for your work to find its audience. Here is a roundup of submission opportunities with deadlines in May or June, including Palette’s Sappho Prize, the Auburn Witness Prize, fellowships, residencies, and others.

Columns, Legacy Suite

Legacy Suite #3


The Legacy Suite is a three-part interview series in which poets delve into the tumultuous journey of publishing a debut full-length collection: before publication, during, and after. For this interview, I.S. Jones spoke with poet Aricka Foreman about her debut full-length collection, Salt Body Shimmer (YesYes Books, 2020). 


Brown Study


“these studies are stirred / from other colors. The leaf turns / brown because it has been green / and gold and red.”

Columns, Robin Myers' The Guest

The Guest #24


In The Guest, poet and literary translator Robin Myers explores poetry translation as process, practice, vocation, meditation, and craft. Drawing both on her own projects-in-progress and the work of other translators, The Guest is a kind of diary, a thinking-out-loud about the pleasures, challenges, and decisions required—and invited—by bringing poems into another language. To do them justice and to make them new.