Submitting to Palette Poetry


At Palette, we will be publishing four new authors each month through our featured poetry posts every Monday. All year long.

We are already scheduling out a few emerging poets who have submitted their work this last month, and we cannot wait to go through our ever-growing slush pile, looking for those writers who exemplify the content, craft, and voice we believe the world should hear. Nearly all of the work we publish is pulled straight from our slush of free submissions on submittable.

If you’re thinking of submitting, make sure to read our featured poems and our Poetry We Admire posts. These will give you some good ideas about the level of craft we expect, and what sort of editing you may need to do.

Also, spend a minute reading our About Us page to get a sense of who we are as a platform.

When you’re ready, head to our Submission page or right to Submittable & send us your words. We can’t wait to read them!