— “Eu já vivo enjoado” introduction —

+In the red light of late
afternoon I stand clean
+and naked in the
+shower fog with
++a bleary reflection
+of this body of mine
+++of yours and I want to
the conference of my face
+summon us from
body of mine of
+yours but I don’t
how to sift through
+the indices of pronouns
in our languages
+++want you to
+confess twisting
++the proteins of
+mouths masked
in the muscles in
+my cheeks as
++wipe wet my
hands wrinkled
+with condensation
++stare at this face of
yours of mine asking
++have you done
to us what have we
++done to you can
claim you as you
+did one another
+voice echoes and I get
closer to the cleared
++path fogging again
+cold silver surface still
my mouth and exhale as
hide in this meat of me
+this soft present


After Nathaniel Mackey
and Mestre Pastinha

Ananda Lima

Author’s Website @anandalima