Community Feedback


Community Feedback is our recurring column that provides an opportunity for our audience to get some quick, free & exceptional feedback on a new poem. 

It works like this: we give the prompt and the link to our open submittable category.

The category closes in two weeks, and afterwards our editorial staff selects a poem to critique and comment on.

We publish the poem and the comments a month after the original post, and repeat the process.


Submit the poem here.


PROMPT for May 25, 2018

The inspiration for this month’s prompt comes from the May issue of Poetry:  “Ledger” by Jenny Xie.

Xie’s poem chops from line to line, bouncing the eye across periods like connecting dots, or the indentation of a sharp heel. The poem’s particular energy and tone relies heavily on the end-stopped line, as every single line ends with a period.

Send us your poem with 100% end-stopped lines.