Deadlines for September: Magazines


We’ve got to be thankful to live in a world which offers so many opportunities for poets to get their work out there. Here are eight magazines to submit your poetry to this month.


Deadline: 9/14

New Plains Review

NPR is asking for three poems at a time, that are “thoughtful and compelling.” Check out “Native Son” by Steve Werkmeister for an example of work selected by the editors.

Reading Fee: $3


Deadline: 9/15

Passage was designed since inception for writers over 50—a community of which many great emerging poets come out of. Send up to 5 poems. Read a sample of one of their issues here.

Reading Fee: $2 (Online only)


Deadline: 9/15


Anomaly will occupy a significant place in your bio, and they’re currently looking for “impact poetry.” Poems that “confront gender formations, white supremacy, class, body, possibility.” Send them five of your subversive and culturally unsettling poems now.

Reading Fee: $2


Deadline: 8/31

Send them 3-5 of your best poems—see Julia Bouwsma’s “Interview with the Dead” for a recent selection by the editors.

Reading Fee: $4


Deadline: 9/15

Up the Staircase Quarterly

USQ is asking for 3-6 of your best poems. “the ladder” by Sylvan Lebrun is an excellent recent selection from their Issue 42.

Reading Fee: $0

Deadline: 9/30

Columbia Journal

The editors of Columbia Journal have a wonderful eye for new talent, like this recent selected piece from Katherine Culligan: “Viscosity.” Send them up to 3 poems.

Reading Fee: $0

Deadline: 9/30

Nashville Review

Heavy-hitter NR—Vanderbilt’s journal—wants up to three poems. Checkout “Necrophilia” by Kai River Blevins from their last issue.

Reading Fee: $0


Deadline: 10/1

Seattle Review

Got a long poem, a poem-sequence?  Send it to Seattle Review—it’s their specialty. Submit a poem up to 10 pages long. Read “Elementals” by Dan Beachy-Quick for a strong sample of a recently selected long poem.

Reading Fee: $0