Palette Poetry Prize Finalists


Palette Poetry is honored to share with everyone the finalist list of poems for the Palette Poetry Prize. Shane McCrae currently has the fifteen poems and will select the winner in November. We can’t wait to share with you the winning poem!

Thank you to every submitter to the PPP: your dedication and creative will has made all of this possible. You are who we work so hard for!

And congratulations to these fifteen amazing poets. You deserve every good thing coming to you.

The Finalists of the Palette Poetry Prize 2018:

“Speak of Violets” by Cassandra Rockwood Ghanem
“New American Constitution” by Trace DePass
“Internment” by John Sibley Williams
“The Better Part” by Frank Paino
“The Burgeoning” by Linda Neal
“Monarch” by Elizabeth Hazen
“Nocturne with Cicadas and Gutted Yellow Bird” by Nicole Stockburger
“West Harlem, July 2017” by Madison Eli Johnson
“Father of the Bowl” by Ama Codjoe
“Paradise Motel Lounge” by Chad Foret
“Class struggle will not be considered in the economic reform” by Xiao Yue Shan
“Hapnophobia or the Fear of Being Touched” by torrin a. greathouse
“Volta Region” by Xandria Phillips
“etymon” by Henry Mills
“Liberosis” by Brittany Leitner