Deadlines for November: Single Poem Contests


We’ve got to be thankful to live in a world which offers so many opportunities for poets to get their work out there. Here are eight contest to submit your poems to this month.


Deadline: 11/8

The Penny-Farthing Prize for Lyric Poetry

Guesthouse’s lyric poetry contest ends in just under two days. This is the inaugural year for the competition, judged by Diane Seuss. They’re looking for poems “that have a dedication to the lyric tradition in diction, sound, and/or voice; that commit to the lyric tradition of emotional centeredness and truthful expression; that are rigorous in their use of image; that usurp, break, or reframe the lyric tradition in form and/or content; that re-define the lyric tradition in a way we can’t yet anticipate.”

Reading Fee: $13.69


Deadline: 11/15

This is the biggest prize happening this fall—a massive $5000 goes to the winner, with all 9 other finalists also receiving publication and $100. Frontier usually seeks out emerging voices, but this is their one contest where they open the doors to all poets writing in English, no requirements. Tiana Clark won last year’s OPEN with “Tim.”

Reading Fee: $20


Deadline: 11/15

Wabash Prize in Poetry from Sycamore Review

The talented Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib is judging this year’s Wabash Prize. They’re offering a prize of $1000 and publication in SR. Send them three poems, up to six pages.

Reading Fee: $20


Deadline: 11/22

This year’s DFP Prize also awards $1000 and publication in Ithica Lit—judged by Julie Kane. It’s already been extended once, so make sure to get your work in there on time. Attention Cave Canem members: you get a special discount fee on this contest.

Reading Fee: $20


Deadline: 11/30

An amazing opportunity for young poets, this prize offers a full ride to one of Kenyon Review’s summer workshops. If you’re a high school sophomore or junior, or have one in the family, get some poetry into the hands of these editors. A Kenyon workshop in a young poet’s growth can make all the difference.

Reading Fee: $00


Deadline: 12/1

Jeff Marks Memorial Poetry Prize

december magazine is offering $1500 to the winning poem, $500 to the runner-up. Kim Addonizio is judging—check out the recent interview we had with her to get a sense of her style and taste, and check out their current issue for a examples of what their editors identify as good poetry.

Reading Fee: $20


Deadline: 12/1

Willis Barnstone Translation Prize

Esteemed translator Willis Barnstone will select the winner of this translation prize for Evansville Review. Translations from any language or any time period—make sure to read closely and follow their guidelines on how to include the original version of the poem and whether your translation is copyright eligible.

Reading Fee: $10 for first entry / $5 for subsequent entries


Deadline: 12/3

Videopoem Contest from Atticus Review

Visual arts and poetry dance together more often than you’d think. This contest is a nod to the filmmakers with poet friends, the poets with filmmaking friends, the poet filmmaker—make a film, upload it to Vimeo or YouTube, and enter it into AR’s contest. Marie Craven, experimental filmmaker, will guest judge.

Reading Fee: $15