Winners and Finalists of the Emerging Poet Prize!


We are honored to share with everyone the winners and finalists of the Emerging Poet Prize 2018.

Special thank you to everyone who submitted—we are so grateful to receive such amazing work in our submittable, and you all made this a difficult choice for our editors!


Winners of the Emerging Poet Prize 2018

1st — Victoria Flanagan, “In Response to My Mother When She Says Hearing Me Read My Writing’s like Hearing God” (to be published January 25th)

2nd — Benjamin Garcia, “Huitlacoche” (to be published January 24th)

3rd — Nicole Homer, “Feral and Conjoined” (to be published January 23rd)

The Finalists of the Palette Poetry Prize 2018

Christina Olson, “Among the Bones”
Trevor Ketner, “16-The Tower”
Meghann Plunkett, “They called it The Parlor”
Cynthia Hua, “Street Protest [On the Steps Outside the Museum”
Lesley Brower, “Nestling”
Marissa Coon Rose, “Pompeii”
Ajanae Dawkins, “Heirs”