Winners and Finalists of the Spotlight Award!


We are honored to share with everyone the winners and finalists of the Spotlight Award 2019.

Our winner, Gbenga Adesina, will receive publication, $2000, and a unique opportunity to have themselves profiled across a quarter-page advertisement in Poets & Writers: bio, headshot, excerpt of work, and contact information for solicitation. Congratulations Gbenga!


Winners of the Spotlight Award 2019

1st — Gbenga Adesina, for “Surrender” (to be published 3/28)

2nd — Antonio Lopez, for “Aullo” (to be published 3/27)

3rd — Miranda Beeson, for “There’s a Rattle, Sometimes” (to be published 3/26)

Honorable Mention — Francisco Marquez, for “I’m not one of those who left my land” (to be published 3/25)

The Finalists of the Spotlight Award 2019

Dãshaun Washington, for “Temporal”
Shay Alexi, for “Ode to Girls Who Cut Their Own Hair”
Robin Myers, for “A Poem About God”
Faylita Hicks, for “The Birth Mother’s Red Bath for Courage”
Jihyun Yun, for “My Grandmother Thinks of Love while Steeping Tea”
Benjamin Garcia, for “The Language in Question”
M. Nzadi Keita, for “227. [Ask the Lonely]”