Winners and Finalists of the Palette Poetry Prize!


We are honored to share with everyone the winners and finalists of the 2019 Palette Poetry Prize!

Guest judge Edward Hirsch had a difficult time choosing from our exceptional finalists, but in the end, he chose Shelley Stenhouse to take the $4000 prize. Congratulations to Shelley, and to all of our winners and finalists!


Winners of the 2019 Palette Poetry Prize

1st — Shelley Stenhouse, for “The Great Cosmic Hum” (to be published 7/31)

2nd — Alycia Pirmohamed, for “House of Prayer” (to be published 7/24)

3rd — Madhur Anand, for “BRAIN HEMORRHAGE, EARLY FALL” (to be published 7/17)

The Finalists of the 2019 Palette Poetry Prize

Emily Khilfeh, for “Lachrymose”
Katrina Roberts, for “Prayer with Torn Edges & Animals”
Osel Jessica Plante, for “Self Portrait as Daughter Stuffed with a Sack of Pomegranates”
L.S. McKee, for “Laundromat Cosmology”
Ronald Davis, for “The Autobiography Of Fair Gabbro”
Maria Isabelle Carlos, for “Portrait of a Far-Flung Daughter”
Rebecca Bedell, for “Autogynephile”