The Theory of Sinking


Mom, they named the dark spots on the moon seas.
Of course, these are just seas in theory,
they have nothing to do with water. Though it’s possible
that it’s all a matter of perspective,
and so the dark spot your breast became
was a sea, too. And the water in your lungs, stomach—
see, I remember correctly. And because you can’t hear
underwater—could I have really said everything?
I’ll be good, just don’t
see, these are useless things to say underwater too.
I smear the makeup you left behind
on my face in an effort to love myself.
And I think I’ll eventually drink these two bottles
of perfume that have been here since—
what else could I do with them?
You said something, as it turned out,
at the very end. And I didn’t pay attention.
Since then, there hasn’t been a relationship,
because this isn’t that. Just steps on the shore of a theoretical sea.
On those parts of the shore that aren’t closed.



Márton Simon (Translated by Timea Balogh)