Not Everything is Linear, but We are Still Done


with a line from Robert Johnson


I witnessed a doe breathe
her last, frost in the air,
kindness in her eyes.
I anthropomorphize the dead.
I long for her welcoming bleat.
If I had possession over judgement day,
I’d end duplicity,
but first, you.
I hold hate in my heart, a hearth.
My hands, kindling.
Your unsolicited ideas:
1. A biological system is linear.
           2. Input plus generation equals output plus consumption.
           3. I love you.
           4. In conclusion, you love me.
I cling to this fallacy
as I mold myself to fill your empty.
I’ve never seen a being bared
like the Mississippi Delta after Fall
until you tie me to the bed.
We call this connection.
In your grip, my hands are hooves.
It’s not humanity
I attributed to the doe
but compassion.
Even now, I don’t see it in your eyes.

Jamie Danielle Logan