Finalists for the 2021 Sappho Prize


We are honored to share with everyone the finalists and longlist of the 2021 Sappho Prize for Women Poets! Please join us in congratulating these remarkable poets. Immense gratitude to all who shared stunning poems with us—we are better poets for having spent time with your work. The winners selected by judge Maggie Smith will be announced soon.

Finalists for the 2021 Sappho Prize


Lisa Baird for “an alternate universe in which my trauma is made of birds”
T. De Los Reyes for “Balloon”
donia salem harhoor for “in media res”
Grace MacNair for “Abecedarian for the Man Who Claimed Birth Control Goes Against Nature”
Caroline New for “How I Became a Mother”
Arianne Payne for “Resurface”
Sophia Tonnessen for “Layaway”
Natalie Wee for “In My Next Life as a Fruit Tree”
Yi Wei for “Look”
Emily Zogbi for “Lost Things”


Michelle Peñaloza
Rose Solari
T. De Los Reyes
Janine Certo
Lindsay Adkins
Becca J. R. Lachman
Grace MacNair
Kay Lin
Sara Baker
Alice Templeton
Andy Winter
ann sim
Ellen Romano
Gemma Cooper-Novack
Allison Thorpe
Alyson Favilla
Carolyne Wright
Duncan Difazio
Heather Treseler
Laura Plummer
Soeun Seo
Susan Coronel
Beth Yahp
Judith Sornberger
Alise Versella
Carolyn Donnell
Dee Dee McNeil
Nora Hikari
Melanie Almeder
Rebecca Byrkit
Terry Johnson
Tori Sharpe