A Certain Slant of Light


I’m attempting
the opposite of a heist here
I’m becoming a confessional poet
whose only confession is
I keep getting nervous
some wild animal is about
to see me naked.
It’s the time of year
I chase the light around,
when the season forces
its color palette on me.
It’s the time of year
I sea monster in the bath
and say dramatic things
half decade,
and in my dreams last night,
you were jealous
I spoke the language
(I don’t)
you were jealous of
all the cool bisexuals’
plastic flower alchemy.
The time of year when
I’ll blow out the candles
I’ll blow on an eyelash
I’ll hold you at needlepoint,
my tub connected to yours
through a vast underground
network of piping.
The season
I promise the pop poets
to pack enough sex in here
to make a lesson
of grave rubbing.
I promise..

to open you like a drawer
and be surprised each time

Emily Hunerwadel

Emily Hunerwadel is the author of the chapbook Professional Crybaby, selected by Kyle Dargan for the Poetry Society of America’s 2017 Chapbook Fellowship, and Peach Woman, selected by Doublecross Press for their Bound-Together contest. Their third chapbook, Night is as Long as the Window Desires, will be published in 2023. She won Columbia Journal’s 2019 Fall Poetry Contest, judged by Monica Sok, and their work has been featured by the Academy of American Poets, Bustle, Fonograf Editions, the Vassar Review, Quarterly West, Burrow Press, The Pinch Journal, Hold: A Journal, Dream Pop Journal, Hot Pink and Windfall Room, among others. Hunerwadel holds an MFA from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Born and raised in the deep south, she works as a book designer and writer in Western Massachusetts.