Paco & Mary


In prison.
Paco traded Looney his commissary
for a tatt        of
her infant son, a black & grey
tied to her head like a paño
+++++under the straw hat
+++++of a jornalero,
+++++++++++++++A smaller
budding at her breast.
He’s not Catholic.
But since he’s been inside, he’s found
The sores on his face have healed.
He once scratched them
to free the losing numbers
of a lottery ticket. He’s gained weight
+++++& all this
has made him doubt the infinity
of handcuffs.
traded Looney noodle soups for a tattoo
+++++of the
because he remembered his own Mother
+++++telling him the story:
+++++piercing the veil
+++++traveling the canal
+++++down to Avenal, California
splitting atoms until Adam is
+++++between sun-kissed thighs
+++++traversing this world
+++++riding a donkey through the iron gates
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++of the CDCR

Kenneth Chacón