Alan Chazaro

Alan Chazaro is a former high school teacher at the Oakland School for the Arts, a Lawrence Ferlinghetti Fellow from the University of San Francisco, and a June Jordan Poetry for the People alum at UC Berkeley. A Bay Area native, his poems have appeared in ​Ninth Letter, San Francisco Chronicle, Puerto del Sol, Huizache, and​ Iron Horse Review.​ His first collection,​ This Is Not a Frank Ocean Cover Album​, was winner of the 2018 Black River Chapbook Competition and his second, ​Piñata Theory​, was awarded the 2018 Hudson Prize. They are both forthcoming with Black Lawrence Press. He’ll be in South America and Mexico for the year so hit him at @alan_chazaro on Twitter.


Pocho Boy #1


“Pocho Boy Meets World” is a Latinx poetry column written by California poet, Alan Chazaro. Join him as he eats his share of quesadillas and uses broken Spanish in hopes of connecting more deeply with what it means to be a U.S. Latinx writer in Latin America. 

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