Shanta Lee Gander

Shanta Lee Gander is an artist and multi-faceted professional. As an artist, her endeavors include writing prose, poetry, investigative journalism, and photography. Her poetry, prose, and personal essays have been featured in The Crisis Magazine, Rebelle Society, and on the Ms. Magazine Blog. She is currently the director of outreach and publicity at Mount Island—a small press and magazine dedicated to rural LGBTQ+ and POC voices/artists—and gives lectures on the life of Lucy Terry Prince, the earliest known African American poet in the United States, as a member of the Vermont Humanities Council Speakers Bureau. Shanta Lee is an MFA candidate in Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She has an MBA from the University of Hartford and an undergraduate degree in Women, Gender and Sexuality from Trinity College. Across all areas of her work, Shanta Lee is interested in surfacing the unseen. Her work can viewed at