David Appelbaum

David Appelbaum treads a thin line between poetry and philosophy.  A professor of philosophy at SUNY New Paltz, his work, in a series of books, focuses on the transcendent nature of ordinary things, including Everyday Spirits [SUNY Press, 1995].  In addition, his thought shows a special interest in the performance of the speaking voice.  For ten years, he was editor-in-chief of Parabola Magazine, with its concern for wisdom traditions and the search for meaning.  Publisher of Codhill Press, an independent literary small press which he founded fifteen years ago, he has produced a booklist of nearly one hundred titles, including authors of international reputation.  A number of collections of his own poems have been published, including most recently Jiggerweed [Finishing Line Press, 2011], Vespers [Hammer and Anvil Books, 2012],  Letters and Found Poems of Edisa and Chloe [Codhill Press, 2013], and notes on water [Monkfish, 2017].